As everyone knows your SkyDrive storage comes to the Microsoft Surface RT device by means of the SkyDrive App. You can browse items via this app that are in your SkyDrive storage in the cloud but there are not cached copies and the only way to get a local copy to your Surface RT is to save it from within the SkyDrive App.

On your x86/x64 Windows 8 machines this is not an issue because you can install the SkyDrive program and have a local copy of all your SkyDrive storage. Any changes you make to that local storage and synched into the cloud on SkyDrive.

Unfortunately, that app can not be installed on Surface RT because legacy apps are unable to run on the ARM based Windows RT.

With that all in mind wouldn’t it be nice to be able to access the items you have stored on SkyDrive in a semi-direct method other than the SkyDrive Modern App?

Say maybe via a mapped network drive?

Well then you need to visit Rashed Talukder’s Little Place on the Net and check out his How To: Map Network Skydrive Folder on Windows & Surface RT.

Although the process he shows does not provide a local copy of your SkyDrive files it makes them accessible in any program or app that uses the Windows File Explorer which is a nice alternative when you are on your Surface RT.

Let us know how it works for you.