Using Windows 8 there is no way to simply share photos from your Windows 8 device to Facebook or any other social network.

The People App on Windows 8 gives you access to read items from your Facebook friends and post public items to your Timeline. You can also use the Messaging App to talk privately to Facebook friends using Facebook Chat but neither of those apps give you built in sharing of photos to Facebook.

Well it looks like a solution has arrived in the Windows Store that gives us sharing capabilities to Facebook using the Share Charm in any app that is used to view or handle photos on your Windows 8 device.

Facebook Uploader, or Fu for short, was developed to meet this exact need in Windows 8 – sharing your photos to Facebook.  The Auri Group which built this app is led by Auri Rahimzadeh.

What he told me on Twitter when he was working on this app is that he wanted to see this type of capability on Windows 8 and since it was not built in he decided to do it himself.

The results are terrific based on my usage of the app and the features are very impressive.

Let’s take a look at some screenshots to give you an idea of the capabilities of this very handy app.

Screenshot (32)Screenshot (33)
Screenshot (34)Screenshot (35)

The top two screenshots are the pages from the Windows Store that give you some of the details on the app and its functionality. The bottom two are the setup pages and the first one will pop up the first time you try to use Fu.  It is easy enough to connect your Facebook account to enable sharing.  A nice touch is that the app does not ask for permissions in Facebook beyond what it needs to work.

Once you get setup Fu presents this page to show you how to use the app via the Share Charm and also gives you the ability to upload photos directly to send to Facebook:

Screenshot (36)

Just close this page once you are done reading the instructions.

Finally here is a screenshot of me using the app to share this photo from my Pictures Library on my Microsoft Surface RT.

Screenshot (37)

What is impressive about this app is that one you can create new albums for your pictures or upload a picture into an existing album.  It also allows you to set the privacy on the picture/album you are uploading from within the Fu interface.

My recommendation is that you select the Mobile Uploads album for pictures you do not want in an album which would be just like sharing a single picture as they are always inserted in the Mobile Uploads album anyway.

Overall this is a very impressive app that fills a decided niche on Windows 8 by providing a built in picture sharing functionality that is robust.

I wonder if they are working on one of these for uploading to Twitter?

Source: Windows Store – Fu App