If you currently own a Nokia handset, and not just those Windows Phone based devices but any of their current phones, you can subscribe to a new service they have begun offering that will give you a personal and private notification that an update is available.

The service, called Tweetsender, allows you to select your country and handset and then sign up to receive direct messages via Twitter when there is an upgrade available for your phones software, apps, etc.

Of course, to receive a DM from Nokia via Twitter you must follow the @Nokia Twitter account.

To sign up for the service just visit and you will arrive at this page to enter your country and handset ID.


Once you sign up you can manage your details on this page and even add other Nokia handsets if you have more than one.


This should prove to be a handy feature and the real test will be if they can beat the notices we get on our phones about updates and of course the world of tech blogs that follow every move concerning updates to apps and software.

Are you planning to use the service yourself?

Source: Nokia Conversations Blog – Another reason to follow us on Twitter