It seems the best remedy for challenges is to move forward from them quickly and the team at Lazyworm Apps, the developers of Tweetro, have done just that.

Everyone is now familiar with the recent issue they had with Twitter cutting them off from new user tokens due to Twitter newly enforced API restrictions for third party apps.

According to a tweet from their @TweetroApp Twitter account the paid version of their popular Twitter app Tweetro, known as Tweetro+, is now waiting on certification. That process typically takes anywhere between a couple of days to about 10 days on average.

According to the tweet there is no info on pricing yet and they indicate it will be announced once the app passes certification.

As for new features in the updated paid app it looks like they have made performance improvements, improved navigation between columns, added an option to remove the photo feed from the main hub and lots of other tweaks. They also confirmed it will run on Windows 8 RT for those who are already on the Microsoft Surface RT or other RT based Windows tablets.

Personally, I am looking forward to getting Tweetro running again on my systems.

Note: If anyone from the Windows Store is reading this how about a little nudge in the certification process for Tweetro+ to get it out to the fans?