Well at least in a group of 40 iPad users this is the case.

So how does a research study like this not get blasted all over the Internets anyway?

Microsoft made this download available four days ago on their Microsoft Download Center and it is described on that page as:

This report summarizes the study conducted by Mozaic Group, an independent market research firm among iPad users in the U.S., at Microsoft’s request, to obtain their reaction to the web browsing experience with Internet Explorer 10 on a Windows 8 tablet vs. Safari on the iPad.

Here is the executive summary of the research provided in the document:

  • When comparing Internet Explorer10 to Safari on specific attributes, Internet Explorer 10 is viewed as providing a better experience.
    • Internet Explorer 10 is perceived as faster, more fluid, and easier to use. Users also like the clean user interface, and feel it is more feature rich than Safari.
  • iPad users want the better browsing experience offered by a Windows 8 tablet.
    • Users realize there is not an app for everything and that some apps are limited. A better tablet browser can improve the overall tablet experience.
  • The experience is compelling enough to prompt switching.
    • Most definitely would consider trading their iPad for a Windows 8 tablet.
    • Internet Explorer 10 improves the browsing AND tablet experience enough to drive interest in switching from iPad and Safari, assuming cost was not a factor and data would be transferred.

According to the Mozaic Group’s iPad Users Study there were 40 participants from the Seattle area and they had to be iPad users who enjoy learning about new technology and regularly used their iPads.

The ages ranged from 18 to 50 and were split between 18 male and 22 female participants.  Each participant was interviewed, demoed IE10 on a Windows 8 tablet for an hour and then had an hour on their own to use the device along with a set of tasks to complete on it.  The results of the survey came as a result of follow-up survey’s they completed after the experience.

You can download the entire study from the Microsoft Download Center.

So why is no one talking about this anyway?