Long expected to be featured by Microsoft since the Redmond company invested $300 million in the device back in April of this year it looks like we have the first visible fruits of that partnership.

As of yesterday the Nook app has arrived in the Windows Store.


Although only available in the Windows Store for less than 24 hours the app already has 56 ratings and 37 reviews which are averaging out at 4 stars right now.  In the Windows Store a rating is when a user only assigns a star rating to the app and a review has that plus commentary on the app.

Those 4 stars may seem rosy right now but the road has some potholes in it based on some of the reviews that have been posted.

Here is a list of concerns from users:

  • Application is missing many of the features common to other readers and apps.
  • No opening of DRM free epub files.
  • Crashes on my Surface and my desktop PC.
  • Does not display book son high resolution screens.
  • Can not access some subscriptions.
  • No side loading – nearly useless.
  • App keeps giving me errors on my Surface.
  • App feels half baked.

If you have been following apps in the Windows Store you know that the Reviews area has become the feedback avenue for many users and I certainly hope developers are watching and utilizing those comments to plan updates and optimizations to their apps.

Feedback from your users can not get much clearer.

Check out the Nook App in Windows Store (web entry).