You do not have to look far on this site to known I enjoy creating and sharing themes for Windows.  Themes for Windows have been around for years and it was with the release of Windows 7 that Microsoft started cultivating their own themes including the introduction of dynamic themes which were updated by adding images to an RSS feed.

That type of theme support continues in Windows 8 and like many other parts of the Microsoft web sites the popular Windows Personalization Gallery has received a recent facelift to bring in a cleaner interface that really features the images in the various themes they offer.

Also very much in the forefront is an image of the Microsoft Surface tablet with the images in the frame of the device.

Here are some screenshots of the new layout:

Screenshot (53)  
Screenshot (57) Screenshot (54)

As you can see they now provide more information about the number of images included in each theme and if you drill down to the theme pages themselves you get a sampling of the images you will have when you download and install that theme. Previously only one image was viewable for each theme.

Microsoft continues to sponsor an open call for images and I have been lucky enough to have five of my images included in three of the dynamic RSS themes.  With this remodel of the personalization website two of my images were selected by Microsoft to be highlighted in their respective themes:

Screenshot (59) Screenshot (58)

Those are my images shown in the Surface frame on the theme page examples above.

Here are all the images I have had accepted for themes:

DSC_0224 DSC_0249
DSC_3830 DSC_3965

I will admit it is quite exciting to see my own images in these official themes from Microsoft.  If you are into photography I highly recommend you submit some of your work to Microsoft for consideration in their open call program.

Have you had an image published in one of Microsoft’s official themes? If so, please share which one in the comments below.