You could not ask for a better real life example of the durability of the Microsoft Surface tablet.

Now I am sure Kurt Shintaku, an Account Technology Strategist for Microsoft in Los Angeles, CA,, never intended for this test procedure to occur but just like real life – stuff happens.

He has graciously allowed me to share this story with you here from his blog:

‎30 min ago, I left a pizza joint, freshly loaded w/ $37 in lunch for my family… and I left my Surface/64GB on the roof of my car.

I guess it stayed there for several blocks as I sped down a main thruway before I made a lane change on Westwood Blvd & it lost its grip, slid off the top, & careened off the side of my car into the middle turn lane. (sob)  Several onlookers watched in horror as the device toppled corner-over-corner finally resting a lane over from where I was.

Then a car going the opposite direction drove over it while making a left turn. (!!!)

Now as a pre-sales tech, I freaked.  The Surface was my personal unit & this was no “hey-let’s-test-drop-the-unit-from-4-feet-and-see-what-happens” on-stage demonstration:  This was a hardcore, real-life, on-asphalt, gutcheck test of the unit’s durability.  In a geekpanic, I stopped my car in the middle of the road and ran out to find it.  A pedestrian shouted its location having watched the whole thing happen, then asking, "Damn dude – is it okay?"

  1. While it was ‘run over’, I don’t think the other car’s tires ever actually hit the unit since I didn’t see tread marks. (Thank goodness)
  2. Besides 6-7 hard nicks on the magnesium casing & lots of scratches to the backside paint (click photo to the right to see the detail of the damage) … THE GLASS IS FULLY INTACT & DEVICE COMPLETELY FUNCTIONAL.
  3. BTW: I’m an idiot.  And Surface rules.


OK let’s see this happen with another tablet device and survive to tell this tale!