Earlier this year, when Microsoft and Nokia announced the new line of Lumia Windows Phones that will be coming out this fall, there were a lot of Lumia 900 early adopters who were very disappointed that their phone had suddenly become second hand. This of course happened just a few months after many purchased the Lumia 900 under a two year contract.

Lumia 900 users were told that they would get a Windows Phone 7.8 update that would add some of the features of Windows Phone 8 to their handsets. That update would mainly provide the ability to configure the Windows Phone Start Screen using a mixture of tile sizes that are unavailable in the WP 7.5 version of the mobile OS.

I think, for the most part, things have calmed down after the initial emotional reactions of enthusiastic Windows Phone users however, today is likely to rekindle those feelings as Microsoft and its OEM phone partners get ready to officially announce Windows Phone 8 in an event later today in San Francisco, CA.

However, there was more fuel added to the fires of frustration overnight as a new app was released into the Windows Store called Windows Phone that allows you to sync your Windows Phone 8 – yes Windows Phone 8 only – device to your Windows 8 device or computer.

You can check out the Windows Phone App yourself via the web and if you have Windows 8 already you can install the app on your system and read the reviews and ratings for the new app.

Disappointed and frustrated Windows Phone 7.X users have chosen to use the feedback on this app to let Microsoft know that they are not happy to be left behind once again when it comes to Windows Phone.

The app has an overall average rating of three stars and already has 62 ratings yet there are no Windows Phone 8 devices available to the public yet.  There are currently 22 reviews at two stars or lower.  Interestingly enough many of the three star ratings also express concern about this app not supporting Windows Phone 7.X devices.

Here is a small sampling of the one star reviews – many of the low ratings and reviews are very similar:


The app itself looks very nice as you can see by the screenshots below:

wp8appmsstore1 wp8appmsstore2

So what do you think of this situation? Would you like to see Microsoft add support for the older Windows Phone devices in this app? Let us know down below in the comments.