The Key to Windows 8 for New Users is Patience, Patience, Patience


With Windows 8 having become available around the world in the last 24-36 hours there will quickly be people either upgrading their current PC’s to the new OS or purchasing a new computer with Windows 8 installed on it.  Some of those upgraders will be high level geeks and others will be everyday computer users that want to update to the latest offering from Microsoft.

Whatever method you use to become a Windows 8 user the biggest recommendation I can give you is to have patience with yourself, the OS and give Windows 8 a chance.

There is no doubt that Windows 8 is a huge shift from what we are all used to seeing over the years in the Windows operating system. 

In fact, I think this is the biggest shift in the user interface of Windows since Windows 95 came out in August 1995. Since then the interface has remained relatively unchanged in its basic functionality and familiarity.

in Windows 8 Microsoft has opted to merge not only the traditional Windows desktop which we all know very well over the years of Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7 but to also introduce a touch first interface that will work on tablets and other type of touch based devices such as touch screen all in one PC’s, etc. 

And yes, it also works on a non-touch system with your mouse and keyboard.

You may have heard that the Start Menu is now gone and it has been replaced with the Start Screen.  Think of the Start Screen as a full screen Start Menu that is fully customizable by you to display tiled shortcuts to programs and apps on your machine.

A bonus to those tiles is that are called Live Tiles because depending on the app they represent information will be displayed and updated on a regular basis.  In some cases you may only have to glance at the Start Screen Live Tile and not ever have to open the app up to get the latest update or information from it.

Along with this new interface are new methods of navigating your OS with a keyboard and mouse.  When you add touch to that equation you can combine all three to navigate Windows 8.

Remember I said earlier that this is a huge shift from what we know as Windows? Well that brings me back to the headline of this post – Patience, Patience, Patience – and that is exactly what it will take to get used to and comfortable with Windows 8.

Some will tell you that it is wrong that you need to learn a new way of navigating and using Windows; others will tell you that change is good and a necessary part of progress.

Whatever camp you come from if you are willing to be patient with yourself as you learn the ins and outs of using Windows 8 and its new interface I believe you will gain an appreciation for how well Windows 8 is designed and how it makes significant improvements in performance, security and functionality.

For me I am the type of person who just dives in and starts exploring to learn hands on and for some reading and doing works better. Whichever is your preference listed below are a few resources to help you get familiar with Windows 8 and eventually make the decision to upgrade to the new OS.

Ultimately, you need to make the decision that it will or will not work for you but I ask you to give it a chance so that it is an informed decision and not just based on what I or someone else writes on the web about it.

Having made that last statement, I do want you to read about one reporters move to Windows 8 and how it was for him in the beginning and how he experiences the OS now. It is well worth the read and reinforces my recommendation of Patience, Patience, Patience as you learn Windows 8.

Windows 8 Learning Resources

Let me know in the comments below if you have any questions on these resources or about Windows 8 itself.

7 thoughts on “The Key to Windows 8 for New Users is Patience, Patience, Patience

  1. I have no problem with the tiles. The issue is everything else that’s wrong in the operating system.  Microsoft has made the same mistake that Apple did when OS X first shipped. Two completely incompatible operating systems sitting on top of each other. So you have one version of Internet Explorer on the tiles menu, and a separate copy on the desktop.  Neither of which share bookmarks or preferences with each other. The same goes for many applications.

    And worse, if you make the mistake of buying a “Surface”, or other system running Windows RT, you’re forbidden from installing any program that didn’t come from the Microsoft App store. This is evil, plain and simple.

  2. Who the F….. invented this load of rubbish , you would
    think after the vista experience  micro
    soft in the head would have worked out how to make a good operating system like
    “win 7” for instance

    I actually grew after a time to like Vista especially after
    SP2 and would have kept it had win 7 not come out, this is the OS they asked
    everybody to try out and suggest things

    This 8 rubbish doesn’t fit my lap screen, needs to be
    scrolled backwards and forwards to see anything , difficult to get to even do something
    as simple as going to my comp  without
    having to go through the metro first and if you put anything on metro as a
    short cut it lists every category of the programme.

    It’s lost Aero and looks like Win 3.1, plain ugly, even the
    colours are bawdy and ridiculous without the aero interface.

    despite all the bad press I tried Vista but was pleased of
    course to see win 7 this mess even after playing with it for 3 days on a laptop
    decided that it was a giant leap backwards, if it doesn’t bomb then I moving
    over to Apple which is a company I basically think is a arrogant, but I am
    beginning to think they have a point

  3. I will buy a new laptop with Win 8, and I will have the patience to get to know the new OS.  All I ever hear when MS brings out a new OS is complaining.  I have never had a negative experience with the new OSs.

  4. I installed the Win8 upgrade from my Win7 however printer drivers, including ones for Win8 from HP would not install so I went back to Win7. Likes Win8 but without printers it’s rather useless.