Well for anyone doubting the OEMs buying into Windows 8, here is proof for you in Windows 8 Store. HP just released their second OEM app into the Store called “Getting Started with Windows 8” with dedicated readable materials but also lots of multimedia materials to get new users started with Windows 8.


We all recognized that Windows 8 is going to be a paradigm shift for a lot of people, and non-technical users will definitely need all the help they can get. We welcome this positive stance of HP in taking the bull by the horns and making the tutorials available for its customers.

I have begged Mr. Sinofsky that the “one-time-only” run of that Windows 8 Tutorial you get when installing Windows 8 or logging in for the first time is inadequate, new users may need to see that video time and time again to get acquainted with this new OS. That the intro video should actually have a tile of its own in the main tile group after the installation. It seems my plea has fallen onto deaf ears. Therefore I am glad of this resource made available by HP and I hope the other OEM’s will follow suit.

Unfortunately, the app currently contains mostly tutorial materials for old OSes like Windows7 and XP but hopefully before GA in October, HP will fill the app up with Windows 8 Materials. One compensation though, the app is not limited to HP’s Hardware alone. I have successfully installed and ran it on my ASUS tablet. I hope it remains so, and that other OEMs will copy this gesture.

Well done HP, we know you are not abandoning the PC market. Please continue to blaze this trail and bring the awesome back to the PC.

Source: Windows Store