Checkout this scenario. You are a Road Warrior, always on the road. Or you’re working for NSA, you are not allowed to browse the Net at work, and your breaks are boring at work. Here is a solution for you: Read it Better! The software allows you to take the Internet with you wherever you go, no connection needed. So if you are in the jungle with only a dish network at your base, you can enjoy your day without being connected to the Internet.


With this app you can save a typical web-page and read it in Metro the it was meant to be. We are all fans of the BuildWindows8 blog, but they have the tendency to write extended posts, now you can read it in leisure in glorious panoramic view. I have just added the App to my arsenal, I hope you do too, and what’s more its free as air. Of course this is the Lite version, which means the Vendor is working on the Paid version. We are curious to know what he has in store for the full version. Won’t mind paying for it if I could save some important, categorized pages to my SkyDrive for example. But this a Readability client, so you need an account to use it.

Here is Anthyme’s description from the Store:

Home screen with your web pages
Your Library: Home screen with your web pages

Example of web page you want to save in internet explorer
Before: Normal Webpage

See the web page with a clean content
After: Metrofied! See the web page with a clean content

Read it Better [lite] is a readability App.
It allows you to save web pages and read them latter in a clean and light way.
Send your feedback on Twitter @readitbetter

Read web pages in a clean way
Save web pages in order to read them latter
See the list of your saved web pages

But don’t let me keep you in suspense, please download this gem via this link:

Source: Windows Store