As I was doing some work this morning and browsed over to my WindowsObserver YouTube channel I was presented with the following dialog box:


As you can see they wanted me to shift the name and image for my channel over to match my Google+ profile which would have completely changed the branding on my channel. Now I have no problem with my real name being associated with the YouTube channel but I opted to keep my setup as it is because it is branded to match this website.

If you opt to not use your real name, and for now they are not forcing the issue, then you will get asked why your opting out on the next dialog box as shown below:


Google has been spending a lot of time bringing all of their properties/services front and center on their various portals and the most recent example of this is their I’m Feeling Lucky button on their search homepage which takes you to random Google services/products instead of random websites. 

This offer to connect your Google+ profile and YouTube channel is just another step in that direction. 

So will you choose to use your real name/Google+ profile on your YouTube channel?