Why, hello there fine denizens. I’m enConnected editor and chief Travis Pope, and today we’re kicking off a new volume of looks at the best games and applications the Windows Phone Marketplace has to offer. I’m no stranger to Microsoft’s ecosystem, having covered Zune since 2006, Windows Phone since 2010, Xbox since 2011 and apps here on WindowsObserver since November of this past year. I’ve laughed as Microsoft joked about carriers having the ability to block Windows Phone updates, cried when I realized they weren’t joking, and cheered as Nokia breathed new life into the ecosystem. That’s my story, and a little later we’ll talk about you sharing yours – but first how’s about we break down some apps eh?


We begin with the one, the only, Audible for Windows Phone application. When we last left our hero, the Windows Phone ecosystem had been breathlessly waiting for to make their self-described “premier provider of digital audiobooks” service available to Windows Phone. In fact I distinctly remember no less than three false starts as to when the application would see the light of day. Now we’ve got something to show for all that pining, a well thought out, bug-free application to enjoy their ridiculously large catalog on. We all know that reading or listening to someone else read their book, as an intimate cerebral experience but there’s also a bone for all of you who like to share your tastes with others while still listening: built in support for Twitter and Facebook to share what you’re listening to. Audible for Windows Phone is free, but does require an account for the service and either a monthly subscription fee or the purchase of a title to enjoy.


There is listening to others tell their stories and then there is using audio to send a message yourself. Enter Startlab’s Loopkit. I spent no less than two hours trying to get the vocals high-hat and samples just right for my musical debut, “The Cat’s Pajamas” – which, after listening to this morning, I would rather not share based on the fact that my self-proclaimed musical skills seem to be nonexistent. My advice is to stay away from the cat and dog sounds in your own DJ compositions. Loopkit is available for free, right now in the Store – I mean Marketplace.

Since I’ve been back, I’ve yet to really dive into the Windows Phone Marketplace to see what’s washed up on its shores, and that’s where I’m hoping you can help. If you’ve got a favorite application or have perhaps created an app of your own, I would love to hear about it in either the comments below, or via my Twitter handle @harlemS.

Until next time I’m Travis Pope and I’m telling you that I’m not out here wearing hockey pants! See you next week!