I have now been running the Office 365 Home Premium Preview, aka Office 2013 for home users, for the last few days and have observed a new behavior relating to RSS feeds in Outlook 2013.

As the subject states, when Outlook 2013 is started up and does an automatic send and receive or performs the same action on the pre-determined schedule, it does not check RSS feeds.

I have verified that RSS feeds are part of the send and receive group I have set up and should be included in the send and receive.  The only time the RSS feeds get checked for new content is when a manual send and receive is performed.

This is contrary to the default behavior in Outlook 2010 when RSS feeds are part of the send and receive group and are checked during all send and receive sessions.

I guess it is possible that this is simply a bug and will get sorted out in a future update but I would like to hear if anyone else is experiencing the same behavior on their Outlook 2013 installs.

By the way, while that is being sorted out how about updating the account icons in the Send and Receive dialog box? They look very Windows 95ish don’t they?