First let me start with the fact that this title does not mean the blog is going away – not at all.  This site is a passion of mine that I enjoy working on and sharing information with everyone.  The end of is not in view or planned to occur anytime soon.

What is happening though is an extended offline period to take some time to recharge and step away from the day to day on the site.  It has been nearly a year since my retirement from active duty in the US Navy and the transition has been very different for me.  When you move from wearing a uniform almost everyday for over 29 years it is a definite adjustment.

I have enjoyed applying myself to some projects, keeping an even closer eye on the tech world and continuing to be very active on Twitter across all my areas of interest.

You may have also noticed that over the last few weeks I have changed my blogging style on the site to not just parrot other news that every other tech site is reporting but to share my perspective and opinion on what is happening in our tech world.  I appreciate the very positive reaction I have received to that style change.  I find it much more challenging and fulfilling than just repeating other news stories that are out there so I plan to continue that process.

I also intend to continue the Observed Tech PODCAST which I have been able to really work more on in this past year and produce a show almost weekly.  I have learned something each time I do the show and try to incorporate that into the subsequent ones.  This is also another endeavor that many of you have sent me feedback on which is very helpful.  I look forward to expanding the show with guests to talk about different areas of tech.  The show has also grown in popularity in this past year and each successive show is being listened to more than the previous episode. Again – many thanks!

So this hiatus on the blog and the PODCAST will last for about a month and then I will be back on the scene in early August.  I am working on a couple of posts already so do not be surprised to see a few entries between now and then anyhow.

Again, my thanks to everyone who reads and listens – it is very much appreciated.

Stay safe out there!