I don’t know about you fine folks, but there’s no way I’d rather kill an entire afternoon than firing up a gaming machine of some kind. This week I’ve got the best of gaming, and a few updates on some gaming apps that we’ve told you about before.


Just a few months ago we told you about BeGood1 Soft’s Purple Cherry, a Gameboy Pocket emulator for Windows Phone. I mentioned that with its SkyDrive integration, support for saves and backups, that it was the best in the business. What I didn’t mention was that it has a sibling, Blue Tomato. Blue Tomato brings all of the features of its older brother but switches out support for Gameboy Pocket for support of Sega MasterSystem, and Sega GameGear games. Both don’t offer sound, but at $1.29, they’re both a steal.


Another game we told you about was the giant bag of awesome that was Super Monkey Ball. Sega’s now followed it up with Super Monkey Ball 2: Sakura Edition. If upgraded graphics, new stages, and multiplayer are your thing, it’s well give the free trial a go. Also at $2.99, it’s at a more reasonable price point than a lot of the other Xbox LIVE games on Windows Phone games, way more reasonable.


Over the past few months I’ve been accused of not showing the indie-game crowd some love here on Windows Phone App Flow. I plead guilty. Don’t get me wrong guys, but Xbox LIVE Achievements are just my thing.  With that in mind, I decided to take try out a few of your recommendations and here’s my favorite so far. Candy Rufus Games’ Survivalcraft, nails the feeling of playing Minecraft on your phone without completely ripping off its inspiration. I’m particularly fond of the new animals that have just been added to the game, but I won’t spoil any of the other changes for you. Survivalcraft is available for $3.99 in the Windows Phone Marketplace.

That’s the App Flow! If you’ve got any recommendations of Windows Phone Apps, send it over in a mention  on Twitter, Username: @HarlemS