The folks over at LazyWorm Apps have informed me that their Twitter app in the Windows Store, Tweetro, has been updated for the first time since it came out in the the Windows 8 Release Preview.

Here is what they have been hard at work on in the app:


  • Auto refresh of timeline
  • Lock screen & tile notifications
  • Toast notifications (while app is running)
  • In-line tweet actions
  • Quote tweet (old school RT)
  • Tweet composition via home screen
  • Instant undo tweet

Bug Fixes

  • Tweet / message in any language
  • "Filled view" doesn’t cut off tweet details
  • Better internet connectivity detection
  • Several minor fixes

It is really nice to see a couple of alternatives for Twitter in the Windows Store and to see both developers releasing updates very quickly.  I also know these folks are listening through the review feedback process and on Twitter so if you have any ideas get them that way.

As of today Tweetro has received 159 ratings for an average of 4 Stars in the Windows Store.