This morning I paid a visit to Amazon’s Top Rated in Cell Phones With Service Plans to see just how the Nokia Lumia 900 was doing after a little more than a week of availability.  I was very pleasantly surprised by what I was seeing not only for the Nokia Lumia 900 but the Windows Phone ecosystem of handsets.

As of today nine of the top 15 spots on this list are Windows Phone devices.  In fact, you do not even see a non Windows Phone until number six on the list.

Here is how the list breaks down:

Phone# ReviewsAvg Rating
1Nokia Lumia 900 (Cyan)755 Stars
2Nokia Lumia 900 (Black)1755 Stars
3HTC Trophy875 Stars
4HTC Titan1114.5 Stars
5Samsung Focus S685 Stars
6Samsung Galaxy Note (Carbon Blue) *304.5 Stars
7Motorola DRIOD RAZR MAXX (Black 32GB) *594.5 Stars
8Samsung Galaxy Note (Ceramic White) *174.5 Stars
9HTC Radar235 Stars
10Nokia Lumia 710 (Black)244.5 Stars
11HTC Rezound *904 Stars
12Nokia Lumia 710 (White)105 Stars
13BlackBerry Bold 9930 *85 Stars
14HTC Arrive454.5 Stars
15Samsung Galaxy S II Epic Touch (White) *84.5 Stars

* Not a Windows Phone device

The way reviews and average ratings break down between the Windows Phone devices and the other six phones in the top 15 is very telling.

Windows Phone had 618 reviews with an overall average rating of 4.8 Stars while the other phones had a total of 212 ratings and averaged 4.5 stars.

As you can see there is not that big a difference between the average ratings for these phones but there are nearly three times as many reviews submitted on the Windows Phone devices compared to the others.  If you just take the two newest additions to this list, the Nokia Lumia 900 in cyan and black, and then combine those review numbers you end up with 225 reviews with an average rating of 5 stars.

That means two Windows Phones have more reviews and a perfect average rating than six combined phones from other companies and manufacturers.

I would definitely say that is an impressive start for the flagship AT&T Windows Phone and overall a great reflection of the enthusiasm for the Windows Phone ecosystem itself.  It would seem user enthusiasm about this platform is very high.  When enthusiasts get devices into their hand and put them to use they are a much better indicator of the value and popularity of a device than anything I have seen.