One of the challenges in the current implementation of the Windows Store in the Consumer Preview of Windows 8 is to figure out the latest additions to the store. I wrote about some possible changes that could be made to the Windows Store and one of those things is a sort ability to make finding those new apps easier.

So how did I find out about this new Channel 9 App in the Windows Store? It was a post from Lee Stott on the Microsoft UK Faculty Connection Blog.

It looks like, based on the first review of the app and its date, that this entered the Windows Store today.


The app provides a means to browse and view all the video content on Channel 9 on a wide range of subjects.


Interestingly enough the app indicates it supports X86, X64 and ARM processors already however, it does not support is the mouse scroll wheel to move through the app which is unfortunate for those who are using Windows 8 with a mouse and keyboard.