It was just a little more than a week ago when my Nokia Lumia 900 arrived and I wrote about my first impressions of the handset and the setup process.   I wanted to share with you what this week has been like with the handset and my continued impressions of the hardware and Windows Phone.

Now let me start by saying I have been on a Windows Phone for 18 months so the OS is not new to me.  It is new on this handset but the premise of the OS continues to work in the same way it did on my LG Quantum.  I continue to have no complaints about the OS side of things and every app I want to be able to use is available in the Windows Phone Marketplace.

I did not have a handset with the data bug issue that was identified early this week so my connectivity was quite solid.  The phone was getting a good 4G signal everywhere I went.  The difference in speed between 3G and 4G was easy to recognize and will have to do for now as Jacksonville is not on the list to get LTE anytime soon from what I have seen.

After getting the handset all set up with my apps and Start Screen layout it was business as usual although those first days I was probably using the phone more than I normally would.  Understandable when anyone gets a new phone in their hands!

I averaged anywhere between 19-22 hours on a single battery charge each day under moderate to heavy usage which was very impressive.  My LG Quantum usually had to be placed on the charger about two thirds of the way through any day.  I left everything on default settings as well and did not adjust anything to save battery power like I had on the Quantum (screen brightness).

Speaking of the screen and its brightness – wow.  Indoors or outdoors that screen is just superb.  So sharp and clear.  The black is so distinct and really makes everything else pop out.  The LG Quantum had a very compact screen and was sharp to read and use but this larger screen size with such great colors is one of the best features of the phone in my opinion.

As most everyone has already seen the data bug fix was released yesterday from Nokia – three days early in fact. The update took less than 15 minutes for me to and was as simple to apply as plugging the phone into my Windows PC running the Zune client.  It immediately notified me of the update and proceeded to download what it needed, make a back up of my Nokia Lumia 900 to the computer and then install the update.  After a reboot the phone was up and running with the fix in place. I have been keeping an eye on Twitter and have not read of any issues with the upgrade.

The phone also feels familiar to me as far as button placement goes so I can now operate it in the dark and turn it on without any light.  It took a while for my fingers to relearn locations of those buttons after my LG Quantum.

So after a week of use I am very pleased with this phone and the decision to upgrade to it.  I have always been happy with the Windows Phone OS so no issues there for me or with the ecosystem. 

It was also very impressive the way Nokia responded to the data bug.  Crediting everyone who had already bought the phone and will buy the phone through 21 April 2012 was above and beyond what I think was necessary.  I would have been happy to see them compensate the customers with the data bug only and let the rest of us continue on our way.  However, by offering the credit for everyone through the 21st of April they have certainly gained a lot of positive exposure.

That 21 April 2012 deadline is no accident either as it is the day before the release of the white Nokia Lumia 900.

So have you made the switch to the Nokia Lumia 900? I would love to hear your experience so far – just let us know down in the comments.