It would seem that there may be some issues brewing with Windows Phone users ability to post to Twitter from their Me Tile.

I first became aware of this from my friend @msicc on Twitter and he posted about it at his site – A few others have confirmed they are also experiencing similar issues either via Twitter or his post.  According to his post he has made the Windows Phone folks on Twitter ( @windowsphone ) aware of it and they are looking into it.

Here are the symptoms I am seeing:

  • If I reply to a tweet it goes out on Twitter.
  • I posted a picture with a comment from my phone through the Sharing menu and it did not appear on Twitter however the photo did upload to SkyDrive.
  • I wrote a new tweet and included an @ mention and it did not appear on Twitter.
  • I attempted to RT a tweet and it did not end up on Twitter either.

So is anyone else experiencing similar issues on their Windows Phone with Twitter or is this an isolated issue for a handful of users?