Welcome to this week’s edition of Fever Pitched which highlights the hottest stories from our RSS feed over the course of the last week.

109.9 Degrees – Google and IE Cookies Privacy. Biggest story of the week was when Google was caught in the Internet Explorer privacy cookie jar just a week after being in the Safari one.  The back and forth between the two companies continued throughout the week and ultimately the consumers suffer from the breach of good faith and privacy settings on their systems.

108.6 Degrees – Windows 8 logo change confirmed by Microsoft.  This is another topic that it should be no surprise is near the top of the list this week.  There had been some speculation prior to this official announcement and reaction had been mixed.  Even after the official announcement the reaction is still very mixed with what seems like a slight favor towards the new logo or at least seeing it in the upcoming Windows 8 Consumer Preview and then deciding how it blends in.  Ultimately though this is the new Windows logo.

108.6 Degrees – SkyDrive’s Windows 8 integration revealed.  The activity at the Building Windows 8 blog has picked up in this past week as we get closer to release of the Windows 8 Consumer Preview on 29 February.  This is a major addition to the operating system which will integrate the cloud to the desktop.