In this weeks new additions to three of the Microsoft Windows Personalization Gallery Dynamic RSS Themes we have some great new wallpapers and one I am particularly biased towards.  The backgrounds in these three themes are all community submissions from Microsoft’s open call for images.

If you take a look at that first image in the Terra theme update it is of the Red Rock formations outside of Sedona, Arizona.  That is a photograph I took in April 2011 while my wife and I were visiting the area.  If you have never been there before I would say it is a must visit.

My thanks to Microsoft for accepting some of my photography work for the open call.

Terra (Landscapes)

Panoramic red rocks, looking toward Sedona, Arizona, U.S. Sunset, Kihei, Maui, Hawaii, U.S.

Flora (Flowers)

Pulse of life Pink and white dahlia

Insects Dynamic theme

Nector Aves