Just last week we were talking about the effectiveness that Hotmail has to keep your inbox free of SPAM and now Microsoft is revealing some data 90 days into cleaning up what they call Graymail. 

Now Graymail, which is all those newsletter and daily deal emails you signed up for months and years ago, is stuff you usually just delete or ignore in your inbox.  A few months ago Microsoft introduced a new version of Hotmail that was built to help unclutter your inbox with tools to take care of that Graymail.

In fact, Microsoft has a new video that really nails just what Graymail is – check this out:

Well today Microsoft is letting us know just how much Graymail has been dealt with by Hotmail since these new tools were implemented last fall:

  • Since Nov 1st 2011, over 100 Million graymail actions have been performed (this includes Sweep, Schedule Cleanup and Categorization actions)
  • 90% of Sweeps are “Delete all from” actions, which shows that users are choosing to delete their unwanted graymail (instead of moving it to another folder in order to keep for later)
  • 65% of Schedule Cleanup actions are “Keep latest message from sender” rules, which indicates that users are clearing out expired messages and setting up rules to ensure this happens automatically
  • 60% of “Move all from” Sweeps result in a rule creation, signifying that more and more, users are looking to automate the graymail actions they perform in their inbox
  • Sweep usage is growing by 11% each month
  • Schedule Cleanup usage has grown by 70% in the past three months

You would think they were talking about SPAM when you look at those numbers!  however, according to an infographic from Microsoft true SPAM is only about 3% of our inboxes and Graymail accounts for 80% of our incoming e-mail.

If you visit you can find out how to put these tools to use for yourself and sign up for an account if you do not have one yet.