Back during CES 2012 Ben Rudolph aka @BenThePCGuy started a challenge where he would take on any smartphone user to accomplish a task against him and a Windows Phone to see who could get it done first.  If he lost he had $100 for the winner but if they lost they got their photo taken documenting that they had been smoked by Windows Phone.  I even think Ben gave out some nice Windows Phone handsets as well to those losers.

More recently Ben took the challenge on the road to Southern California to a few of Microsoft’s retail stores and once again placed a $100 bill on the line to all challengers. 

Between CES 2012 and Southern California Ben lost only a few times and a lot of people were smoked by a Windows Phone.

The challenge is a great way to show that everyday tasks we want to do on our smartphones such as taking pictures or posting to Facebook and Twitter are much quicker with Windows Phone because of the way the system is built.  Having more processor speed, memory or apps does not necessarily mean you will accomplish the task quicker.  Windows Phone makes it more efficient to do those things.

Well now the smoked by Windows Phone challenge has gone global with Microsoft Hong Kong holding the same style of challenges.  According to a translation of the website the challenge there is referred to as the Eat Dust Challenge – I love it!

They have also done very well in their challenges sending 11 users away without a win.  They are continuing the process today in Hong Kong (Saturday).

It is great to see a campaign like this getting more exposure – brilliant way to hopefully shift the mindset of those who think the fastest phone is the best at getting things done.