Rovio Entertainment has started teasing news of an upcoming version of Angry Birds that has a space related theme to it.

If you visit you can see the teaser for the completely new game. Apparently this new version will have aspects of what we know and love about Angry Birds gameplay but also bring some new elements to the table.  Space and weightlessness‚Ķhmmmmm.

The teaser is truly a tease as the video is only 20 seconds long and does not show a thing about gameplay.

There is also a free wallpaper download to remind you about the release date of 22 March 2012.

According to the Frequently Asked Questions more details will be revealed in early March and the game will be released across multiple platforms at the same time.  Should be interesting to see how this all comes together because we now have a little more than a month of teasers until we get to the release.

I do hope the teasers get better as we get closer!