According to a survey by InMobi, a mobile advertising network, that was conducted during last night’s big game nearly 40% of viewers grabbed their mobile devices to get more information about advertisements as they viewed them during the game.  Respondents also indicated they would spend at least 30 minutes on their mobile devices during the course of the game.

Anne Frisbie, Vice President and Managing Director, North America, InMobi, comments: "Mobile is an amazing channel for reaching consumers when they are in a lean-back entertainment-oriented mindset. Savvy advertisers will allocate more dollars to mobile advertising, either in conjunction with TV ads or through mobile-only advertising campaigns during similar sporting events and key holiday weekends throughout the year."

InMobi also reported that twice as many of those surveyed used their devices during the first half of the game as those which did during the second half.

Some additional key findings from the survey which was answered by over 1,100 mobile users and distributed on InMobi’s mobile advertising network were:

  • 45% estimated they would spend 30 minutes or more on their mobile phone during the game.
  • 39% used their mobile device in response to a TV commercial during the game by doing one or more of the following: discussing commercials, getting more information about an advertised product, or watching TV ads again.
  • 30% reported using their mobile devices most during commercials.
  • 27% downloaded a Super Bowl app.

There is no indication on what was considered a mobile device so this may have included tablets as well as mobile phones, etc. I personally used both a Windows 8 based tablet and my Windows Phone during the game.