Let me start off by saying I think the commercials this year were not nearly as good as they have been in the past.  Many of them lacked a hook to make them memorable. At a cost of $3.5 million for 30 seconds of air time that seems like a waste of money but I guess the proof is in the impact it has on future sales.

I also think that all the previews of the commercials over the days prior to the game made their broadcast during the match much less impactful as they appeared on TV.

There were some note worthy ones though and so I give you my picks broken down by quarter, half time and post game time frames.

1st Quarter

Jump in the cage and shut the door!

2nd Quarter

Nice job by VW in connecting to a very popular and viral commercial from last year.

Half Time

All I will say about this one is stick around for the end because you do not see it coming!

3rd Quarter

It is always nicer to share and not be a tease.

4th Quarter

Nice touch at the end of this to support rescue dogs.

Post Game

I was not expecting this after the game – it was better than some of the in game ads that were played.