FriendIO is a new alternative social media site that has been developed by a group of former Facebook users who grew tired of the constant changes to the social media giants website and services.

This new rival offers people classic social networking with strong privacy and popular features. "Friendio does not modify privacy settings, nor do we force people to create a scrapbook of their life," said Doug Freitag, the company’s President. The site’s slogan, "It’s all about you!" really sums it up. People can customize profile layouts, change the site’s theme to their liking, add music, insert Places, add company Pages and create their own circle of friends through custom lists. It’s simple, easy to use, and makes sense. It’s a way for people to further express their personal style, and share more about who they are.

The site already has an API for developers to take advantage of and create apps plus there is also a Like Button which can be embedded on websites and blogs.

I am a huge fan of having choices and letting people make their pick however, I think this fledgling company is going to run into some issues with the social media service they intend to replace. 

It starts with things like apps, chat windows, like buttons and the layout of the site – especially if you use the Throwback Blue (FB) theme.

Here is a screenshot:


I am just guessing here but I think the FB in the themes title stands for Facebook – the color scheme certainly makes it look very familiar.

Now it is just a matter of how long it takes FB to chat with them about their social media site. What do you think?