Sling Media, the folks who make the SlingBox, have announced the launch of the SlingPlayer application for the Kindle Fire .

If you have been keeping up with the news over the last several weeks you know that Amazon sold somewhere in the ballpark of 6 million Kindle Fire devices over the holidays and I am guessing that Sling Media feels there are either a lot of folks with a Kindle Fire who already own a SlingBox or might make that jump with this app being available.

The SlingBox is an Internet connected device which allows you to log in remotely and view all the channels on your television service to watch live television or even shows you have recorded on your DVR.

Today is the official release date of the app and it can be purchased in the Amazon Appstore for Android at a cost of $29.99.  It is already ranked at #72 in the Amazon Paid Android Appstore and #7 in the Entertainment section itself.