I am especially excited about this set of updates to the three newest community based dynamic Windows 7 themes.  These themes are taking photos submitted for Microsoft’s open call for images and using them to populate the themes.

The reason I am personally excited about this set of updates is because of the first photo you see below in the Insects Dynamic Theme – that is one of my submissions to the open call!

I was notified just after the new year that a few of my shots were selected to be in some of the community based themes and the community desktop wallpaper collection at the Windows Personalization Gallery and this is the first image to appear on the site.


Insects Dynamic theme

Bee on a yellow flower Dragonfly

Flora (Flowers)

Dark purple flower, Kula Botanical Garden, Maui, Hawaii, U.S. Blades of plant, close-up

Terra (Landscapes)

Field of yellow flowers Harbour Green Park, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada