Microsoft is about to take its Bing advertising to another level this weekend during the National Football League NFC Championship game and will do so again during the X Games on ESPN. Bing is going from the former campaign of the “decision engine” to the “do more” campaign.

It is fairly well established that Bing does give great search results as Bing recently took the number two spot in search behind Google and just ahead of Yahoo. We also recently highlighted in our article  that the Online Services Division saw a 10% increase in revenue and was credited to increases seen by Bing in the search engine arena.

To build on the success, Microsoft is focusing on the user as someone who does interesting and imaginative things. As an example they have chosen an inspiring story of the spirit of “doing” highlighted in the video below.

Today, we’re pleased to preview Kevin’s inspiring story and how he embodies the spirit of doing. Just over two years from the day of the accident, Kevin is returning to Park City as part of Bing’s Speaker Series at the Sundance Film Festival. Moderated by Sal Masekala, Kevin will join Dr. Holly Ledyard, the doctor who helped him recover to tell his story and raise awareness for traumatic brain injury prevention. You can watch a live-stream of the conversation at at 1 p.m. PT on Sunday, the 22nd.