MSN Mobile has received a makeover for the first time in many, many years and it is not too shabby.

Just type msn,com into your mobile browser and you will find the newly refreshed site ready to serve up a mobile helping of news across all the normal MSN categories including streaming video, stock quotes, local and world news, sports and entertainment.

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The formatting on the new mobile pages is very well done and does not feel like they are just shoving links in to get them on the page.  I did initially want to swipe at some of the scrolling areas but it actually requires a touch on the navigation arrow instead to move left or right.

As I was taking a look at the new MSN Mobile I thought to myself just how many people access the web like this – in a mobile browser.  I mean if there are apps available for a mobile OS handset I would think people would prefer to go that route instead of mobile browsing.

So I headed over to the Windows Phone Marketplace to see what official apps were available to get info from MSN. I was surprised to find 13 official apps from Microsoft for the network:

So take your pick either mobile browsing or app browsing but there is plenty of Mobile MSN available these days.