Although the Consumer Electronics Show does not start officially until tomorrow there are plenty of product announcements going on.  I am following several websites, Twitter and online streaming to keep up with as much as I can with a focus towards Microsoft technologies of course.

Here are some of the things I caught during the course of Monday:

  • LG announced a device that allows you to control your television using 3D gestures.  They did not say Kinect but it sure sounds like Kinect. (via @TheRomit)
  • Intel announced they have 75 ultrabooks in the design pipeline (Via @aedney)
  • AT&T reported that gaming earned $64 billion in revenue last year and $17 billion of that was on hand held gaming.  It is estimated to grow by %58 in the year 2015. (Via AT&T Live Stream)
  • Intel debuts the Nikiski Laptop with a see through touchpad running Windows 8 (Via The Verge)
  • AT&T and Sony announce connectivity partnership for upcoming PS Vita.  PS Vita available in North America on 2/22/12 and two data packages will be offered.  250MB for $14.99 and 2GB for $25. Sign up on device and no commitment required.
  • Microsoft’s CEO, Steve Ballmer, appeared during the AT&T Developer Summit to help announce the first LTE Windows Phone device which will be on the AT&T network. According to Ballmer it is coming “very soon and more details will be available during the day”. The HTC Titan II is the first LTE Windows Phone and includes a 16MP camera. You can see all of AT&T’s CES announcements at (Via AT&T Live Stream)
  • Intel showed off Windows 8 on several form factors (Via NeoWin)
  • HTC Titan II LTE Windows Phone Hands On (Via The Verge)
  • Samsung now has 25,000 Smart TV Apps (Via @LanceUlanoff)
  • Angry Birds is coming to your Samsung TV (via @CNET)
  • A tablet that can be dropped in the toilet (Via Mashable)
  • Lumia 900 LTE Windows Phone on AT&T specs (Via enConnected)

My notes from the final Microsoft CES Keynote will be in a separate post.