This morning we posted about the Windows Phone Challenge Ben Rudolph, aka @BenThePCGuy, is conducting out in Las Vegas during CES 2012. The basic premise is that anyone with a non Windows Phone can challenge him to get the same action done on their phone compared to the Windows Phone – if they beat Ben on the Windows Phone then they get $100. However, if he beats them then they get their picture taken showing they got smoked by Windows Phone.

Based on a couple of recent tweets the first part of the day has gone very well for Ben and Windows Phone.

So far Ben has shared a couple of photos of the smoked other phone users:

IPhone 4s just got #smokedbywindowsphone on Twitpic

Our first victim is a Galaxy Nexus.  Local Scout wins the day... on Twitpic

By the way Ben is not done yet – he is out there looking for the next challenger – will it be you?

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