Earlier this week I wrote a post and started a poll to get an idea of how many apps Windows Phone users typically have.  All of this came about because of a discussion I had with someone on Twitter who said Windows Phone users did not buy the handsets for the apps.  I of course disagreed and my post was the result of that conversation and now this story will bring it all to a close – at least for now.

Based on the results of the very unscientific poll the Windows Phone handset is most certainly one on which users wants and use apps on.

Just over half, or 53%, of those who responded have more than 30 apps on their handsets – I am in that category.  After that 34% have between 11 and 30 apps installed on their phone and just 13% reported having less than 10 apps or less on their phone.

I got some very interesting tweets in reply to the survey as well and wanted to share some of those comments here as well.

As a follow up I asked both @David_TK and @LocalJoost to estimate how many of their installed apps do they consider active or regularly used. They replied:

I tend to agree with @bsimser on this – it is all about the apps.  That is why there is such a discussion going on as to why we do not have some of those nifty apps all the Android and iOS folks already have – because Windows Phone users want their apps too.

It will happen though – it is just taking some folks a little time to realize that this platform is here to stay.