This past week we have been having a very good discussion on here and on Twitter about Windows Phone and applications. Then it should be absolutely no surprise that I come across this app which can help you build out your Windows Phone app library at a discount.

AppDeals is developed by Ahead Solutions and was released for the Mango version of Windows Phone at the end of December last year.  The premise for the app is simple. Working directly with publishers of Windows Phone apps they offer a new discounted app each day which will either be reduced in cost or offered for free.

The timeframe for offering the discounts varies but most publishers go with an average of 5 days.  You can see on the app what has been offered in the past and if the discount is still active or expired.

The app comes with great Mango features such as dynamic live tiles which indicate a new discount is being offered by both an indication on the front of the tile and the title of the discounted app on the flip side of it. They also offer push notifications to your phone when a new deal is up.

All links to the apps open up in the Marketplace so you can read reviews and download it immediately.

Here are some screenshots that show you the dynamic live tile and the deals page in the app.

Screen Capture (15) Screen Capture (16)
Screen Capture (17) Screen Capture (18)

The cost for this app? Free of course!