Welcome to Episode 5 of Fever Pitched a summary of the top three stories from my Fever RSS Aggregator over the past week.

No video this week due to some challenges in getting it online and I wanted to get you these top stories before next weeks episode!

109.2 Degrees – Microsoft to start automatic updates of Internet Explorer.  Microsoft has been making a huge push to eradicate IE6 from the Internet and is keeping the world up to date on their Internet Explorer 6 Countdown website. Now they want to move you forward to the most secure IE versions available and will begin auto updating IE on your systems to bring them up to speed in January 2012.

108.6 Degrees – Windows 8 Picture Passwords. As I have been discussing in my series of posts about working in a touch enabled OS I am now using a picture password on the Windows 8 Developer Preview.  This week the Building Windows 8 Blog had multiple posts about protecting your identity and the viability of picture passwords which they say are much stronger than those we type in.

106.1 Degrees – CES 2012 Will Be Microsoft’s Last. Microsoft has been a fixture at the Consumer Electronics Show for the last 20 years and always had the opening keynote for the Las Vegas based event.  Microsoft told the world this past week that the show no longer fits into their release schedule and that they will not be returning in the same way.  They did say they will have a presence to interact with partners and customers at future shows but the involvement will be no where near what it has been.