NASA has made huge strides over the last few years in getting their mission and activities out in front of people around the world using social media and other communications method.  In fact NASA is the example for how to put on a Tweetup as their gatherings are some of the most highly coveted despite the fact we are no longer launching the Space Shuttle into Low Earth Orbit.

Well Third Rock Radio is the next level in engagement for NASA.  The station, which will feature a New Rock/Indie/Alternative format, launched today and is already streaming live here

"NASA constantly is looking for new and innovative ways to engage the public and inspire the next generation of scientists and engineers," said David Weaver, associate administrator for the Office of Communications at NASA Headquarters in Washington. "We have led the way in innovative uses of new media and this is another example of how the agency is taking advantage of these important communication tools."

The new station is a collaboration between NASA and RFC Media which is based in Houston, Texas.

"Today’s 4G audience craves new music and enjoys finding it," said Pat Fant, RFC Media co-founder and chief operating officer. "We’ve pulled out the best songs and the deepest tracks from a full spectrum of rock artists across many styles and decades. NASA features and news items are embedded throughout the programming alongside greetings by celebrity artists."

Third Rock also will help partner companies fill high-tech job openings in the engineering, science and IT fields. In addition to the NASA Web Portal, the station will be available online in the future at the radio tab of Apple’s iTunes and other sites.