Microsoft has quietly released an upgraded version of their Homework 2.0 Commercial which was first issued about a month ago.

Here is the Change Log for this new 2.0 version:

  • Actors for both the father and son have changed
  • Same laptops are being used however, they have switched between the father and son for usage
  • Changed home interiors to give the sensation of a different house being featured
  • Both PowerPoint presentations look similar and use a lot of the same graphics however the update has one additional page compared to the earlier version
  • Different music selection integrated into the newer presentation
  • Son presents a difficult math problem in the update – there was no homework help needed for the son in the initial version of this commercial

Can you spot any other key items that have been updated between these two commercials? Let us know in the comments.

Updated Homework 2.0 Commercial

Previous Homework 2.0 Commercial