Fever Pitched is a summary of the top three stories from my Fever RSS Aggregator over the past week.

This is also our first video based episode of the weekly column – enjoy!

110.5 Degrees – Windows Store. Microsoft announced more details about their upcoming app store that will be integrated with Windows 8 and also revealed that the Windows 8 Public Beta will be in late February 2012.

108.6 Degrees – Xbox 360 Dashboard Update. Microsoft released the latest update refresh for their Xbox 360 consoles which puts a lot of emphasis on TV and entertainment viewing options making the Xbox 360 much more of a entertainment console. The Windows Phone Xbox Companion App was also released with this update.

102.4 Degrees – SkyDrive File Issue. After revealing a significant update last week there was a small glitch as users were not able to get their documents from SkyDrive via the Windows Phone 7 Office Hub.  The SkyDrive team developed a fix very quickly and no files were lost by anyone!