Following yesterday’s delayed roll out of the new Xbox 360 Dashboard to the 35 million users of Xbox Live we now finally have the second element of this dashboard update – the new Windows Phone Xbox Companion App.

Of course, it is not mandatory for all Xbox 360 users but for those who have a Windows Phone 7 handset they can use this app to interact with their Xbox 360 console if it has the new update.

As I set this app up on my own phone it walked me through the steps that were necessary on the console itself and then the phone.  It identified that I was on a slow connection to the console as I was using my phones 3G connection.  It did recommend turning on WiFi and that would be faster.  I did notice significant lag over the 3G network but it did work as advertised.

By the way – a small tip – once it is installed on your phone you will find the program under your Xbox Live Games tile.  It can be pinned to your Start Screen from there.

Here are the screenshots from the Windows Phone Marketplace:


This screenshot is from my Windows Phone handset to show you what the remote control looks like on the phone:

Screen Capture (1)

You can download the app directly from the Windows Phone marketplace here –