Update at 7PM EST: Xbox Live’s Major Nelson has tweeted that the dashboard update, expected earlier in the day, will start rolling out in the next few hours.

The Xbox 360 Dashboard update that has been discussed extensively over the last few days and was scheduled to start its rollout worldwide at 10 AM EST this morning continues to be delayed according to Microsoft.

Larry Hyrb, Xbox Live’s Major Nelson, tweeted about four hours ago when the update was to start that there was a slight delay and that more info would follow later.  Since then he has stated via tweets that the information about the delay remains the same and that there will be an update sometime this afternoon Pacific Time which is three hours behind the East Coast. Technically the afternoon on their side of the country is still 40 minutes away as of the time of this post.


I have no doubt they are working hard to sort things out and get this update out to a lot of Xbox’s around the world.  We will update this post when we hear anything. Until then you could always follow the commentary on Twitter about the update or lack of update by checking out these search results – twitter search for Xbox 360 Dashboard.