While using a website that Microsoft currently has in place for the Art Of Touch contest I thought it would be great to host an opportunity to create a community sourced themepack for Windows 7. 

The benefit is two fold in that you can enter the giveaways contest at the Art of Touch website and create a piece of art to submit for possible inclusion in this theme. Of course that is up to you and you are not required to enter the contest in order to create a piece of art or vice versa.

We will make this a 10 wallpaper themepack so to submit your art work just comment on this post and paste a link to your art from the Art of Touch website.  Once your piece of art is selected I will contact you to get a copy downloaded from the Art of Touch website for inclusion in the themepack.

Of course we will feature those images in a upcoming post here to provide the theme for download to everyone who might want it.

Here is my first attempt at using the site – very easy to use and allows you to be quite creative – took me less than 5 minutes as well.


I look forward to seeing your submissions.