flickr photo courtesy of s.alt

Last month when Google Reader removed the ability to share items from my RSS feeds I went on a search to replace it so I could continue to share links of interest with everyone on Twitter.  My search ultimately ended with me finding Fever, a self hosted RSS reader built by Shaun Inman

I do have more to share about Fever in a future post discussing its functionality and how I am implementing it to share links but I wanted to start sharing some of the hot stories that are coming out of the Fever Reader as I use it.

You see Fever creates a list of stories on a scale that represents a thermometer and it places those stories that are being written about across a lot of your feeds at the top of that thermometer. 

The purpose of this new column is to share the top three stories from my Fever Thermometer each week to see what is hot in the tech world and the RSS feeds I keep an eye on.

Here is your first group of Fever Pitched stories – enjoy.

Kinect for Windows – Building The Future. This story is about a recent blog post from the Kinect for Windows Team that details both hardware and software changes that are expected next year when the commercial SSDK for Kinect is released.

SkyDrive – designing personal cloud storage for billions of people.  A recent post on the SkyDrive blog started a series of stories that took a look at what the future might hold for SkyDrive.

Improving the setup experience in Windows 8. A new blog post from the Building Windows 8 Blog discussed the changes being made to the setup experience users will see in Windows 8.