In coordination with the upcoming fall Xbox firmware update, Xbox is about to also bring social to the website. The new social aspect of will introduce Beacons that that let users mark which games they’re willing to play, or check out a friends activity page that resembles recent additions to Facebook and Twitter by informing you what friends are up to in real-time. Also revamped is the video section that lets users buy or rent movies and TV shows for viewing on their console or Windows Phone.

Click “Activity” at the top of the screen to view the new Activity page. At the top, in the My Recent Activity section, you’ll see the titles you’ve most recently played and which of your friends are playing them as well, in addition to any titles you’ve set a Beacon for. To set a Beacon for a title that you want to play with others, you’ll just find it in your activity list and click the “Set Beacon” button. You can have up to three Beacons active at a time, and you can optionally add a custom description (such as “From 7-10 pm Pacific” or “Horde Mode!”).