We knew a while back that Windows 8 would support multi-touch via the trackpad. What we didn’t know was just how good that experience is suppose to be given a PC that does not support ‘touch’ on the screen. Consumers will still want a great touch experience with Windows 8 and it looks like they have the answer with the partnership of Synaptics.

Microsoft put up a video that shows just how you can expect to interact with Windows 8 and Metro using a multi-touch trackpad.

“The time for PC OEMs to design for Windows 8 with touch has arrived.  Synaptics is excited to deliver on the promise of advanced touchscreen and innovative TouchPad technology, which will play an important role in how users interact with their Windows 8 PCs and tablets,” said Mark Vena, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Synaptics’ PC Division.  “We’re especially enthusiastic about new product concepts like Intel’s thin and light Ultrabook which will take special advantage of Synaptics’ technology.”