Microsoft today is marking the 10 year anniversary of Windows XP’s release on 25 October 2001 by asking you to dump it and get up to date with Windows 7.  Personally, I can not blame them at all for doing it. I have discussed this issue many times both on the site and on various episodes of the Observed Tech PODCAST – it is time for Windows XP to be gone.

I get that there are many out there using Windows XP for whatever reason they feel is justified however, they also need to understand that they have reached a point where that system is going to cause an issue. The latest version of modern browsers and other software will not run properly on Windows XP and that means technology that has come about over the last 10 years to give us a safer browsing and PC experience is not available to them.  That puts them at a huge risk for all types of infections, hijacking, worms, etc.

As Kristina Libby writes on the Windows Team Blog, none of us would be walking around with 10 year old tech would we?  She makes some comparisons to what things were like 10 years ago and in the post they provide this great infographic to compare then and now.


So what is keeping you from upgrading from Windows XP?