I hope you got a chance to sign up for the Xbox 360 Dashboard Preview that Major Nelson announced yesterday afternoon because after being open just a little longer than 24 hours Major Nelson announced via Twitter that the sign up process is closed.

He posted this update on his blog:

Thank you for your interest in the Xbox LIVE Update Preview Program! Sorry, at this time we are no longer accepting registrations for the program as we have reached our target audience volume. Please be on the lookout for additional opportunities in the future to participate in Xbox LIVE Update Preview programs. For those of you that have successfully completed registration we will be reaching out to you once we are ready to take you through the next steps – within the next 2 weeks. You can check on your status my referring to your Connect Dashboard page and the icon in the upper right corner.

For those who have signed up it would seem that if your signup was successful then you may be in this round of the preview program based on his update above.  As I recall from past updates they have usually opened up for more people to sign up and test out the preview after the initial stages. 

So did you get signed up for the preview?